KOMO BRL 1330 certificate for Dynamic Bonding Systems

Dynamic Bonding Systems continues to develop in the field of bonding of (brick) slips. From now on, Dynamic Bond and Dynamic Sprayable are therefore certified according to BRL 1330 - the first and only products in the Netherlands with this certificate.

Our starting point is always that the strips of different materials applied to a façade remain in place without any problems throughout the life of a building. By working with certified products and a certified process in accordance with this new BRL 1330, the risks associated with the application of (brick) slips on a façade are excluded.

Optimisation of construction

According to this method, construction becomes faster, easier and of the highest quality. Can be used in construction and prefab

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Testing materials

On the basis of this new BRL, it can be determined whether a combination of ‘glue – (brick) strip – substrate’ is suitable for the realisation of a façade that will remain intact throughout the life of the building. To this end, SHR carries out various tests to investigate whether a certain combination of ‘glue – (brick) strip – substrate’ is suitable. To do this, samples of materials are taken to the laboratory. The product can only be used on proven materials that meet the requirements of the BRL. After a positive assessment, Dynamic Bonding Systems has received the KOMO® certificate with product certificate “ADHESIVE FOR USE IN FAÇADE FINISHING SYSTEMS WITH STRIPS” No. 21130.

Tests carried out according to BRL 1330-1

Durability tests SKG – IKOB

Aging due to hygrothermal loading:
  • 80 heat irrigation cycles
  • 5 heat-cold cycles
  • 30 irrigation-freeze-thaw cycles
  • Adhesion strength after aging.

Durability tests TCKI

  • Thermoshock resistance, based on EN-ISO 10545-9.
  • Moisture-frost thaw – resistance, in accordance with NEN – EN 772-22.
  • Adhesion strength based on EN 1015-12 (before and after aging).

Fire tests Efectis

Single Burning Item test according to EN 13823:2020+A1:2022

More information about BRL 1330 can be found on the SKH website.