About us

Dynamic Bonding Systems is an international and independent company. We turned a great idea into a proven concept used in many countries. Because also the bonding of brick slips, glass and many other industrial applications is booming, Dynamic Bonding Systems can truly be called a top supplier in bonding solutions in construction and industry.

30 years experience

The combination of quality, service, innovation and of course our experience of 30 years in this growing market, makes Dynamic Bonding Systems a very important player with a core business in bonded cladding.

Extreme bonding power!

Our MS-Hybrid Polymers meet a very high and low temperature performance, short and long term protection, special characteristics, weatherability, durability, high strength, bonding and sealing.

Problem solving solutions

We developed a comprehensive range of bonding systems to support the innovative needs of cladding companies to realize faster production, reduce material costs and improve the product performance.

Dynamic Bonding Systems consists of a team of professionals and guarantees a solution for all your cladding and industrial bonding!