Quality Insurance

Dynamic Bonding Systems offers only the highest quality products.

Dynamic Bonding Systems highly values the KOMO certification and has therefore invested heavily in obtaining these certificates. Meanwhile Dynamic Bonding Systems has 2 KOMO certifications for nearly 40 different panels. This impressive list is expanded every year with new as well as variants of already certified panels. KOMO: the quality mark for the construction industry!

KOMO: Independently tested quality

The KOMO-label is the quality mark in the construction industry for 50 years already. A KOMO quality declaration represents independently tested quality, based on objective criteria. 

Are your products or processes provided with a recognized quality declaration from KOMO? Then one can trust that they comply with the Building Decree, Decree on soil quality and specific quality, performance- and safety requirements imposed by the market. This makes time-consuming audit trails for authorization and on-site redundant. Do you know that nearly 94% of the Dutch know KOMO? This makes the label a symbol of security and confidence.

Certifications and durability tests

Certification means that a product meets the minimum requirements set by the authority of the relevant quality mark. Dynamic Bonding Systems works with KOMO certification. The KOMO-attest-with-product certificate is a technical support which resulted from laboratory tests of external bodies. The tests are conducted in a laboratory in a controlled environment, cleaned from all variables that are not investigated. In reality each project stands on its own and faces other conditions (wind load, façade building, temperature, pre-treatment, humidity and dew point). Dynamic Bonding Systems will determine the best options for each separate project.

SHR durability tests on many materials. The panels are exposed to the SHR-accelerated weathering cycle as shown in BRL 4101-7: “Adhesive for the attachment of façade cladding”, dated 2003-11-01. Apart from the certificates Dynamic Bonding Systems meanwhile features a list of more than 135 different materials which are guaranteed with our bonding systems.

Certificates of Dynamic Bonding Systems

Dynamic Bond: KOMO attest-with-product certificate no. 20320

The bonding system is KOMO certified for the bonding of 37 different HPL-, fibre cement- and metal façade panels to a wooden-, steel- or aluminium backstructure.

Dynamic Stone & Dynamic Stone 2.5: KOMO attest-with-product certificate no. 20321

The bonding system is KOMO certified for the bonding of 3 different natural stone (igneous-, metamorphic- and sedimentary rock) and several ceramic façade panels to a wooden-, steel- or aluminium backstructure.

Dynamic Sprayable & Dynamic Bond: KOMO attest-with-product certificate no. 21130

The adhesive for use in systems for facade finishing with (brick)strips on building parts in external partition structures of houses, residential buildings and buildings for other functions.

Quality of products, processes and services

KOMO was founded in 1962 to make the complex building process more clear. The construction and installation sector is a complex interaction of different parties. With the KOMO mark each link in the construction industry can rely on the quality of products, processes, systems, services and management systems. With half a century of experience KOMO is the expert in the field of certified products and processes in the Netherlands. KOMO represents independently tested quality. Certificates are issued for a wide variety of products and processes. Users can therefore rely on the quality of products, processes and services. 

Moreover, products and the end result of processes with a KOMO mark automatically comply to the relevant laws and regulations in the construction industry, such as the Building Decree, the Decree on soil quality and other requirements in terms of quality and safety.

SKH is accredited to certify for the KOMO quality mark, based on an Assessment Directive (AD).  This bureau has awarded the KOMO certificates to Dynamic Bonding Systems. You can view our certificates on the SKH website.