High Quality Bonding Systems

Dynamic Bond HIT

Fast curing, elastic 1-component adhesive/sealant based on a MS-hybrid-polymer, with accelerated initial adherence (high tack), moisture curing, neutral polymerisation, odourless. Free of solvents, silicones and isocyanates.


Bonding in sectors of construction and industry of brick slips, concrete, stone, plaster, ceramics, as for example wood panelling, baseboards, decorative panels, insulating and acoustic boards, decorative moulding, insulation materials, polystyrene, window seats and so on. Also suitable for elastic bonding in sector of metal-, apparatus- and machine-engineering, plastics- and electrical technology, ventilation engineering and air-conditioning, car bodywork, automotive, wagon, container and car manufacturing. Dynamic Bond HIT is suitable for any bonding where a high initial tack is required, where a danger of pollution by silicone exists or where painting over something afterwards is required.